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Komatsu Excavator Hydraulic Pump Suction Oil Or Insufficient Oil Absorption


What is the reason why Komatsu excavator hydraulic pump can not absorb oil or insufficient oil absorption? We take The Komatsu PC360-7 excavator of Zhang Boss in Dali, Yunnan province as an example to analyze the reasons for the hydraulic pump suction of excavator oil or insufficient oil absorption and summarize the following reasons:

① The inner rotor does not rotate. Check whether the worm, worm wheel or gear of the oil pump drive system, fastening screw or positioning pin of the inner rotor is loose, and whether the worm wheel meshes with the main shaft and worm normally.

② The rotation direction of the inner rotor is inconsistent with the prime mover, resulting in the switch of oil inlet and outlet. Verify that the machine is rotating according to the working direction.

③ The oil outlet pipeline is blocked. Check whether the oil outlet tubing is bent or damaged and blocked.

④ The filter screen of the oil inlet is blocked. Clean the filter to remove the blockage.

⑤ The inner and outer rotor wear seriously leads to the formation of the closed cavity. Replace the inner and outer rotors.

⑥ Contact between the end face of the inlet pipe and the bottom surface of the oil groove leads to poor oil intake. Ensure that there is a certain distance between the end face of the oil inlet pipe and the bottom surface of the oil groove, so that the oil can be fed smoothly.

⑦ Air is drawn in from the suction inlet of the pump. Ensure that the pump suction channel each connector is tightly connected without air leakage, and the suction inlet is immersed in a certain depth of oil.

The oil level in the tank is too low. Ensure the oil level in the tank is at a certain height.


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