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Excavator Hydraulic Pump Some Maintenance Tips


Excavators are still relatively common in our life. Sometimes they can be saw on the side of the road, so we have a certain understanding of excavators, and the maintenance of excavator hydraulic pumps is relatively simple. When we think of maintenance, we will regularly replace some oil and filter elements. What we need to pay attention to here is that when we change the hydraulic oil, in order to put the oil thoroughly, we will remove the inlet pipe of the hydraulic pump, so that the oil of the hydraulic pump will all be left out, and the excavator may lose speed.

Engine maintenance tips when we add new oil, don't forget to hydraulic pump exhaust, this exhaust method is simple, usually on the top of the hydraulic pump will have a vent plug, excavator suppress a car, can put the plug unscrew to refuel again, on the surface of the oil tank with internal rise, the air inside the hydraulic pump will be bit by bit, Wait for oil to start pouring out of the exhaust plug end before we screw the plug back on.

And there's a place to need our attention, also must note oil, the oil of the hydraulic pump shell is mainly hydraulic pump leaked, usually with some impurity such as iron cut, so there will be a shell carbon filter, we at the time of replacement of hydraulic oil, the same also need will be filled with shell oil, this is simple, excavator weakness, Disassemble the pipe from the shell to discharge the filter element, and then fill it with oil.

Here we need to be aware of is in the process of gas, we can't directly poured the oil into the inside, will slowly, so does not have a large air bubbles, also can avoid the air is out of the oil seal to don't come, let's think tank is full, it will have a lot of air bubbles, the hydraulic pump is also have a lot of harm to us.

Generally have the forerunner of the pump hydraulic pump there will be a leading oil filter, the forerunner of oil filter to maintain good, pay attention to the change, because our lead pump is usually more than some of the gear pump, gear pump in gear meshing, although there is a hydraulic oil lubrication, but also can appear some wear and tear, sometimes is bad, the use of oil or there are impurities are will accelerate wear, Wear will produce iron filings and then flow into the hydraulic system, if the pilot pump can not be replaced in time, the hydraulic oil with impurities will flow in the hydraulic system, and there will be a part of the bypass oil supply for the pilot, which may cause our pilot control valve stuck. So we need to replace the pilot filter in time.

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