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Reveal Excavator Hydraulic Pump, Main Control Valve, Travel Motor!


The excavator is powered by the engine to drive the hydraulic pump to rotate. After the high pressure hydraulic oil comes out from the hydraulic pump, it drives the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, swing motor and distribution valve to carry out hydraulic transmission and control.

Hydraulic system of excavator (partial)

Hydraulic pump

installation, there are two ways of tandem and parallel. Series pump parallel pump is an axial piston pump, the main difference is the structure of different forms.

Series pump

Series pump, also known as the pump before and after the swash plate plunger pump, by controlling the swash plate Angle change variables, series pump is the classic representative of Kawasaki K3V112.

Parallel pumps

Parallel pump, mostly oblique piston pump, by changing the Angle of the cylinder block to achieve the purpose of variable. Hitachi ZX200-3 and Hitachi ZX200-3G use parallel pump, the parallel pump is represented by Hitachi HPV pump.

It is known that pumps and motors are reversible, so hydraulic motors are also divided into swash shaft and swash plate types.

Swash plate of the motor

Swash plate motor: the center line of the cylinder block coincides with the drive shaft, and the plunger is pushed by the swash plate to move repeatedly in a straight line.

Oblique shaft motor

Oblique shaft motor: the center line of the cylinder block intersects with the drive shaft.

The combination valve

Control valve is also called combination valve, high pressure hydraulic oil from the hydraulic pump into the combination valve, from the combination valve out into the hydraulic cylinder, walking motor, rotary motor and other hydraulic actuators to complete the action.

Next, we talk about some electromagnetic valves and sensors on the hydraulic system of excavator

Common sensors, solenoid valves

Here are common: proportional solenoid valve, pressure sensor, speed sensor, angular displacement sensor, displacement sensor and so on.

Proportional solenoid valve

Proportional solenoid valve: at any speed so that the hydraulic pump power and engine speed (power) basically consistent.

Speed sensor

Speed sensor: installed in the engine and hydraulic pump link, mainly collect speed information to the computer to match the engine and speed.

Pressure transducer

Pressure sensor: detect the inlet and outlet pressure of the hydraulic pump, send it to the computer for analysis and feedback to other parts, such as the idle mode of the excavator.

RVDT sensors

RVDT sensor, also known as angular displacement sensor, swash plate hydraulic pump, by changing the inclined Angle of the swash plate to change the flow of the pump, so the angular displacement sensor is used to collect the angular displacement information of the swash plate and send it to the computer for control.

LVDT displacement sensor

LVDT displacement sensor: displacement sensor, inclined axis hydraulic pump by changing the cylinder position to change the flow, so the displacement sensor to collect information, to the computer for control.


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