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Carterpillar Cat 336D C9 Engine Genuine Fuel Injector


CAT336D is a large excavator of Caterpillar 336. The bucket capacity is 1.87 cubic meters. If you do earthwork, you can make an enlarged bucket. Net power: 232kW Working weight: 36,200kg.

The Cat336D features smart technology integrated as standard for maximum productivity at the lowest cost. Perfectly match contractor productivity and cost goals with a unique combination of features.

It adopts EFI C9 engine, which has high requirements on oil quality. Poor oil quality can easily damage the engine fuel injector.

Delivering high performance with lower fuel consumption, the new generation of Cat excavators can improve fuel efficiency by up to 15 percent.

The C9 engine uses six fuel injectors. We have the original Carter fuel injectors for customers to choose, and we can also calibrate the old fuel nozzles for customers, or recycle them.

Carterpillar excavator is characterized by durability, but relatively high fuel consumption, but it is the best choice for mines. Customers usually need to do more maintenance, such as timely replacement of filter elements, it is recommended to use original filter elements. Of course, the cost is relatively high, but Can better protect the engine.