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Volvo EC480DL excavator walking assembly has two types, One is GM85, which is more common, which has been very commonly used in China, another model is HM280V, this is still only the original.

Volvo is also known as the Regal Machine, which means that its accessories are expensive. And this original walking assembly is definitely not cheap.

Official introduction of this excavator: Volvo EC480D crawler excavator can help you increase your productivity. With increased digging force and faster cycle times, you get more power and productivity thanks to increased engine power and improved hydraulics.

Now many small mines are using this excavator. Due to the harsh working conditions, the wear of the chassis parts is still very large. Like chains, rollers, etc., the use time will be relatively short.

If you don't pay attention to maintenance and use it for a long time, the life of the final drive will be reduced accordingly. We also have this HM280V travel motor in stock.

This original travel motor assembly is guaranteed for 12 months. Of course, if it is damaged due to magazines, or man-made damage, it will not be covered by the warranty.