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Is It Difficult To Start The Engine? Chinese Friends Share The Secrets


Difficulty starting the engine in winter

As winter comming, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and many excavator owners from northern report the following phenomena when the engine starts in the morning:

1. The engine is difficult to start, and the machine can only be driven after a few ignitions;

2. Even if the engine is started, the idling speed is unstable, white smoke is emitted, or even the engine stalls;

Cause Analysis:

I don't know if you have ever seen such a scene: in the early morning of winter, there are many construction machinery and equipment parked on the roadside. There are drivers who use an open flame to bake the fuel tank, bake the oil pan, and use boiling water to pour these parts. Why do you know?

Burning the fuel tank is because the bottom of the fuel tank is frozen, or because it is too cold, the diesel in the fuel tank is waxed, and the oil is too viscous to start lubrication. I have to say that the winter weather in northern my country has also tapped the brainstorms of skilled drivers.

However, no matter whether it’s grilling with an open flame or pouring the fuel tank and oil pan with boiling water, these methods may not all solve the previous problems. The plunger and even parts inside the oil pump.

Cold shrink + condensation

In winter, all kinds of diesel engine equipment in the north will enjoy the special courtesy of these two natural phenomena. The interior of the high-pressure pump, the plunger and the parts will be taken care of by cold shrinkage, the diesel will be taken care of by condensation, and it will be condensed or even waxed.

After this happens, the gap between the plunger and the mating part will become larger, resulting in high pressure leakage, and insufficient fuel supply. In addition, the diesel oil that is difficult to form an oil film after being condensed will even enter the combustion chamber. , The amount is not enough, is it easy to start? too difficult!

After low temperature, the seal between the cylinder barrel and the piston will not fit tightly.

Therefore, the machine will not only have difficulty in starting, but even if it is started, there will be unstable idling, white smoke, or even flameout.


Of course, these reasons are a very important loop decision in the engine production process: the thermal deformation coefficient of the coupler. As users, we cannot change these coefficients, but what we need is to change the effect. How to solve it? Take a look at the solutions of our Northeast people. To be honest, it is very earthy, but very effective:

1. Spray starting fluid to support combustion. Provide fuel in the intake system to assist diesel combustion.

2. Pour boiling water on the high-pressure oil pump. The cold-shrinking plunger assembly is expanded to reduce the sealing gap, and at the same time, the condensed fuel in the pump is heated and liquefied to form an oil film to increase sealing.

3. Use electric heaters or electric mattress wraps to heat the high-pressure pump before the machine is on fire. Same as 2


The winter in the Northeast is very cold. I remind you all the owners in the north that the winter is here. Not only must you keep warm, but also keep your machine warm. Otherwise, it will strike.