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Disassembly Of Distribution Valve Of Caterpillar Excavator


The disassembly steps of the distribution valve of the Caterpillar excavator are as follows:

(1) Pull out the valve column. Do not pull out the valve column immediately, make sure it is in good contact with the body before slowly pulling out.


Use a special fixture to clamp the valve column, remove the valve column cap to remove the lower limit block, spring and check spool. The following points should be noted.

A. Oil should be removed from the valve column and fixture.

B. As the adjusting pad is located between the PL valve post and the stopper, separate the number of each pad when disassembling.

C. Valve stem cap offset is 6mm.


Remove the main relief valve as a whole.

(4) Remove the cap, remove the spring and check the spool.

(5) the steps of dismantling the valve column.

A. After removing the cap, pull the spring and spring holder.

B. Remove the cap on the opposite side.