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Basic Situation And Main Components Of Cat C9 Engine


Main features of Cat C9 engine:

1. Inline six-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine;

2. Power range: 205 - 287 kW (275 to 385 hp);

3. The rated power speed can be adjusted within 1800 - 2200 rpm;

4. ADEM III electronic control system;

5. Hydraulic drive electronically controlled fuel injection system;

6. Air-cooled intercooler;

7. Meet EPA Tier II and EU Stage 2 emission standards.

Cat C9 engine structure parameters:

1. Cylinder diameter: 112 mm;

2. Stroke: 149 mm;

3. Displacement: 8.8 L;

4. Weight: 681 kg;

5. Length: 1078 mm;

6. Width: 832 mm;

7. Height: 954 mm;

Introduction to the basic situation of the Cat C9 engine:

Main components of Cat C9 engine:

1.Cylinder block

● A stronger cylinder block increases the pressure bearing capacity of the cylinder liner for better fuel economy

● Integral oil cooler reduces the weight and width of the engine and the possibility of leakage

● The curved surface ensures the strength of the cylinder block and reduces the weight and noise of the engine

2.Cylinder piston liner kits

● High strength, high hardness cast iron cylinder liners increase service life

● Center support wet cylinder liner, higher order piston ring position for better fuel economy and improved plate placement

3.Cylinder head

Four valves ensure adequate intake and exhaust. Improved fuel economy and emissions. The optimized structural design improves the sealing, reliability and durability of the cylinder head. The cylinder head and the cylinder block are fastened with six bolts, which improves the sealing performance of the gas and minimizes the deformation of the cylinder liner.


Forged steel crankshaft increases strength and life; induction hardened shaft diameter and transition fillet increase reliability; regrindable and cost-saving.

5.conneting rod

Suitable for heavy load design; forged steel increases connecting rod strength; enlarged bearing surface increases bearing life

6.Fuel injectors

Electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated unit injectors; injection pressure independent of engine speed; variable injection profile; provides maximum combustion efficiency while meeting emissions.