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Kubota V2403-M-E3B


Kubota's " 03-M series" engine has 11 engines with large stroke and high output, ranging from 3-cylinder 1.499L to 4-cylinder 2.434L, and can provide swirl chamber (IDI) and direct injection (DI) engines , to meet the different needs of different users.

Kubota's high-power environment-friendly engine V2403-M, with 487 cylinders, naturally aspirated, can provide a powerful power of 47 horsepower. It fully meets the emission standards of the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and can function normally at -15 °C. It uses a low-noise fan to achieve low noise. It is a clean engine

that represents the latest technological level of the engine.

Basic parameters

Power range (kw) :below 40kw

Number of cylinders (pieces): 4 cylinders

Intake form :Naturally aspirated

Rated power/speed (kw/rpm) :36.5/2700

Displacement (L): 2.434

Bore x Stroke (mm): 87x102.4

Dimensions: length × width × height (mm): 670.9x499.0x684.0

Weight (kg): 184