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The Excavator Engine Is The Attention Of Efi! These 5 Points Must Be Paid Attention To, Otherwise...


With the popularization of EFI diesel engines , more and more users complain that the failure rate of EFI engines is too high, the maintenance costs are high, and the operating costs remain high. The electronically controlled fuel injection engine has a complex structure, improper use and maintenance, and it is prone to malfunctions and even damage to the system. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand what needs to be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of EFI diesel engines in order to reduce the failure rate and use costs.

1.Use fuel that meets the standards and eliminate low-quality fuel

Most EFI diesel engines use high-pressure common rail technology, which can provide ultra-high injection pressure and more precise injection volume. However, high-precision components have higher requirements for diesel oil, especially the injector is very sensitive to impurities and water in diesel. In order to achieve a better atomization effect, the very fine fuel injection holes are easily blocked by impurities in low-quality diesel. Therefore, the brand and quality of the regular gas station should be selected to meet the requirements of diesel.

2.Replace filter elements regularly

The fuel that meets the standard is obviously not enough. In order to further remove impurities and moisture in the fuel, EFI engines are equipped with filtering devices such as fuel coarse filter, fine filter, and oil-water separator. These devices are essential to maintain the cleanliness of diesel. . Therefore, these filter devices must be replaced regularly in accordance with regulations to ensure that the diesel fuel maintains a high degree of cleanliness, otherwise, once the engine's fuel injection system is damaged, maintenance and replacement will be a large cost.

3.Waterproof, dustproof, and anti-collision

Compared with the traditional direct injection machine, the biggest feature of the EFI machine is the addition of a complex electronic system to precisely control the fuel supply. However, the sophisticated electronic system puts forward certain requirements for use and maintenance. In normal use, ensure that the electronic system of the engine is far away from the heat source, and pay attention to waterproof, dustproof, and anti-collision.

4.Use the correct grade of oil

EFI common rail engines have higher requirements for oil, and oil of cf or above must be added to ensure the good operation of the machine. In addition, the oil filter should be replaced regularly to ensure that the oil is clean.

5.Use antifreeze correctly

Since the common rail in the EFI engine generates a relatively high heat load, the water temperature of the EFI engine is more likely to rise compared to the direct injection engine. Therefore, the coolant cannot be replaced with water. The antifreeze must be added according to the label on the vehicle manual. This must be done throughout the year to ensure a good heat dissipation effect and avoid excessive engine temperature damage.