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Only Care For Engine Is Useless, Excavator "aorta" Is It!


Principle of action:

C-epc valve is mainly to sense the actual speed state of the engine and adjust the main flow rate of the hydraulic pump to the corresponding signal. As the working condition changes, the engine speed will also change, and the hydraulic pump flow matching the engine will also change accordingly.

The engine speed change is transmitted to the computer through the speed sensor installed on the engine flywheel shell, and then the computer issues the command of the hydraulic pump flow change, and the PC-EPC solenoid valve receives this command and properly adjusts the hydraulic pump flow through the PC valve to correspond to the engine speed change.

In addition, the current size of THE PC-EPC solenoid valve is also related to monitor instructions, hydraulic pump pressure and other factors.

Pc-epc solenoid valve function:

Computer board by rotating speed sensor to detect the actual engine speed, when the load increases, cause the loss of engine speed, the computer board will issue instructions to the PC - EPC valve, make the flow to the PC - EPC instruction current of solenoid valve in accordance with the drop with increasing of the engine speed, to reduce the hydraulic pump of swash plate Angle, reduce the output flow of hydraulic pump, So that the engine speed recovery.

Fault symptoms:

Each working device speed is slow, black smoke when serious car flameout, poor handling and other faults.

Location and structure:

The picture shows komatsu PC200-7, PC-EPC solenoid valve position function and components.


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