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KAWASAKI K3V63DT hydraulic pump


Many 12-ton machines such as Sany, Liugong and XCMG equip with K3V63DT hydraulic pump. It has two types, one is positive control and the other is negative control.

The hydraulic pump is controlled by the variable piston (servo piston) to push the inclination of the swing to control the flow of the pump. The servo piston is controlled by the pilot pressure and the feedback pressure from the main control valve, through the pump regulator. Yes, the pilot piston, followed by the compensation piston, control the stroke of the servo piston.

At present, both domestic and imported pumps are cheap. Therefore, if the pump of the corresponding excavator is broken, there is not much maintenance value, because the replacement of the pump is cheaper than parts and labor, and it takes less time.

In addition, there are other 12-ton machines, such as Sumitomo SH120, CAT312, etc. You can also use K3V63DT to change the pump. Of course, if the original pump can be repaired, it is recommended to repair. After the excavator is replaced with a pump, the depreciation will be more serious. It can't sell at a good price