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How Much Do You Know About The Excavator "travel Motor"?


1.Whether it is a heavy excavator or a mini excavator, try to walk a short distance, long-term walking distance is too long will damage the excavator in the walking wheel; When walking through as far as possible to give way flat, especially often time walking in addition to the uphill slow gear must be used in slow gear, when necessary with hook, do not let walking has too much compound it is very hurt the travel motor.

2. The travel gear box must be filled with gear oil. After the first use, the gear oil should be replaced once every three months. After that, the gear oil should be replaced once every one year according to different working conditions. After running the motor for a period of time, the back cover of the travel reduction gearbox should be removed, and the wear of the gear box should be checked regularly and maintained in time.

3. During the running of the travel motor, the working condition of the system oil circuit and the motor gear oil should be checked frequently. If abnormal increase of the system pressure, leakage of the walking motor, abnormal temperature rise, vibration noise or abnormal pressure pulsation are found, the machine should be stopped immediately, and the reasons should be found out and repaired in time.

4. When the excavator travel motor is weak or the system is abnormal, it should be stopped immediately to check whether the leakage amount of the hydraulic motor is normal. If there is a large number of leakage, the hydraulic motor is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

5. It is recommended that the excavator stop for about 15 minutes after the walking motor works continuously for 1-2 hours.

6. The walking motor is provided with a safety valve, such as the hydraulic motor for the radial piston motor, the overflow pressure set value is not more than 22MPa, the hydraulic motor for the cycloid hydraulic motor, the overflow pressure is not more than 17MPa, the piston motor overflow valve set pressure according to the requirements of the host equipment can reach about 35Mpa.

7. The function of the steering control valve in the control walking hydraulic circuit must be "Y" or "H" type.

8. The hydraulic oil is too dirty, which will affect the service life of the excavator's walking motor.