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Caterpillar 3066 Engine Introduction


Carterpillar 3066 engine is the largest stockengine in the market, mainly used in Carterpillar 320B excavator and Carterpillar 320C excavator.

Carterpillar 3066 engine is CAT acquisition of Mitsubishi S6KT engine technology and production of an engine, so S6KT engine is also replacement 3066 engine, it is divided into the old type which without intercooling engine and an engine with intercooling.

The main difference is in the air line, intercooler, intake valve and intake valve seat ring. Its technology is derived from the Mitsubishi S6KT engine, with a cylinder diameter of 102mm, a stroke of 130mm, a power of 103KW, a displacement of 6.4L, and the ignition sequence of 1-5- 3-6-2-4, CAT 3066 cylinder block 5I-7613, CAT 3066 engine cylinder head is divided into two pieces, 123 cylinder head is 183-8174, 456 cylinder head is 183-8171.


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